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ArtLoupe: Buy & Sell Fine Art


ArtLoupe is a mobile publishing, discovery and sales tool for creators and consumers of fine art. Browse, discover, buy, publish, share and sell original artworks via robust search features, social sharing, publishing and syndication capabilities. Simply put, ArtLoupe connects fine artists and art lovers, and it does this in ways that are convenient and fun. ArtLoupe helps you:● Shop for and buy original artworks fitting style, medium, size and content preferences
● Virtualize artworks in an intended environment
● Buy from local artists through location-based searches
● Follow and shop for original works from your favorite artists
● Like, comment on and share artworks
● Send and receive direct messages to artists and other ArtLoupe users
● Buy and sell artworks securely using PayPal
● Enjoy convenient, reliable shipping, package tracking and hands-on sales support
● Quickly and easily shop and sell artworks on the go
● Manage an artwork portfolio
● Save time by syndicating artwork postings to social media and marketplaces such as Facebook, Etsy, Twitter, eBay, Pinterest, Google+ and more
ArtLoupe makes the artist/patron connection simple, straightforward and convenient, and it helps artists gain exposure and sell fine artworks while streamlining their workflow (less time spent promoting your artwork means more time for making it!) ArtLoupe is a 24/7 art fair in the palm of your hand.
ArtLoupe is free to download and use. There are no “lite” or “pro” versions of the app; all features come fully enabled and free to use. Creating a user profile is free. Posting artwork is free. Virtualization tools, portfolio management, social sharing and syndication features are all free. ArtLoupe charges sellers a 10% commission fee on artworks sold. In this way, ArtLoupe’s success is linked to the success of the artists and art lovers it exists to serve. ArtLoupe is a for-profit social enterprise of Art Saint Louis, a nonprofit organization seeking to empower today’s fine artists and enrich a growing audience of smartphone users. We hope you’ll share our enthusiasm for this dream and enjoy being part of the ArtLoupe community!